Meal Planning Monday - 2nd May

Hi everyone! Doing more exercise is making me realise how important it is to eat enough of the good stuff to fuel myself so after a couple of weeks of slap-dashing it I am getting back in the meal planning game.

I am going to make an extra effort to have fruit, yoghurt, oats and seeds again this week. I didn't have it at all last week and I think that contributed to my 'meh'-ness every day. It's obvious but it does set me up for the day. Also I found out that I'm supposed to mill the flax seeds I put on my breakfast every morning otherwise my body can't digest them and get all the nutrients out?! Who knew!

Lunch is still a sticking point with me as I just don't fancy salad anymore...last year I ate LOADS of salad and really enjoyed it but this year...nah. I think I am going to treat myself to some seeded bloomer rolls and have my most favourite sandwich - houmous (hummus?), grilled peppers (the jarred ones), tomatoes, cucumber and spinach. YUM! I may also try to make some kind of cous cous-y thing? Perhaps that will get my lunch mojo back.

I've looked back over the last 6 weeks of my Instagram posts for inspiration and think this will do us just fine this week...

Monday: Roasted sweet potato and chickpea curry with rice
Tuesday: Sausages and roasted veg (butternut squash, potatoes, sweet potato, onion and garlic)
Wednesday: Veggie spaghetti bolognese
Thursday: Burritos or fajitas
Friday: Stir fry with Monday's leftover curry
Saturday: Veggie cottage pie
Sunday: Parents visiting so will probably eat out (poss. a veggie roast!)

My phone is very old and crap now so I am having trouble taking photos of all my meals, but that certainly helps so  I will do my best - the main problem is I have to be online to use the Instagram camera (for some reason the camera app on my phone won't start up) but for that I need the internet and I work in a basement!

Anyway, hope you all have a great week, please share your meal ideas :-)

Amy xx

My 30 Day Strength Challenge

Hi everyone! If you watch my vlog you'll know I am training for a 5k in June and one of the problems I have encountered is shin splints *shudders*.

One of the ways to avoid this problem is to incorporate strength training into your weekly routine, so I have made a chart to stick in to my weight-loss diary which includes upper, core and lower body strength exercises - push ups, planks and squats (ouch, I'm hurting just thinking about it!)

Please feel free to use this chart and let me know how you find it. If you have trouble saving it to your computer then just leave me a comment and I can email it to you or something :-)

I am sure I'll be posting about it on my weight-loss Instagram account so follow me and I'll follow you back :-)

Make your own Weight-Loss Journal

My DIY weight-loss journal has it's kept me motivated in the last few weeks of my diet and exercise plan, so I'm sharing what I have in my journal to hopefully provide some inspiration so perhaps you can create your own!

Of course, every journal will be unique and I am sure once you get started you'll find your own useful pictures, quotes, charts and other motivators. There's lots of inspiration on Pinterest and even other vloggers make videos on theirs. Feel free to follow my Weight-Loss Diary Pinterest board for more ideas.

I hope you find this video helpful, and if you already keep a weight-loss diary then I'd love to share ideas! Please comment here or on my YouTube channel :-)

HDYGG? // Hyacinths + Lots of buds

I had to get out to the garden this weekend and show you how the hyacinths I potted in October are blooming. I am so proud! There's also lots going on with the shrubs in the border and my plum tree is budding again - so exciting! I love the anticipation of a bud that's ready to burst into shapes and colours.

It's lovely to take a break from studying to wander around the garden, pondering the way you plant an ugly oniony looking bulb in the ground and a few months later a beautiful flower pops up to say hello.

How does your garden grow?

Amy xx

Meal Planning Monday - 21st March

Hi everyone, hoping my MPM is better late than never! I had an assignment due this morning and - me being as last minute as I am - I was working on it over the weekend and didn't have time to blog - boooo!

I am definitely sticking with my oaty breakfast bowls this week, they are delicious and fill me up til lunchtime. I make them with:

2 tbsp oats
125g ish of Alpro soya yoghurt - I tried the almond one last week and it was SO GOOD
A couple of pieces of fruit - usually 1/2 a banana and a few strawberries, blueberries or nectarine. 
A sprinkling of dried fruits - cranberries are a firm favourite at the mo
1 tsp of chia seeds
1 tsp of flax seeds
And maybe a dash of Choc Shot if I'm feeling fancy 

The salads were not a huge hit last week, everything tasted a bit bitter to me, but I might try them again this week and have some soup too. 

Snacks will be carrot and cucumber sticks, pitta, houmous, fruit and nuts. I didn't miss crisps, chocolate or breakfast bars last week and I think these tasty snacks helped, along with copious amounts of water.

My parents are coming to stay for Easter weekend and that means we'll probably decide what we're eating on the day as they usually like to go out. 

Monday: Stir fry with sweet and sour sauce

Tuesday: Pasta with spicy tomato sauce and veg

Wednesday: Spaghetti bolognese 

Thursday: Veggie sausages and roasted butternut squash, red onions and carrots (one of our favourites ever!)

Friday: Decide on the day

Saturday: Decide on the day

Sunday: Out for a roast dinner with my parents. I am also planning on making a chocolate cake for Easter Sunday using a Betty Crocker cake mix and a can of pop to replace the eggs - it really works!! And makes it vegan ;-) 

I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing Easter! See you on the other side :-)

What are you eating this week?

Amy xx